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Search Engine Submission Service

To attract new customers or new recruits online, you will have to do some basic online marketing and promotion for your Web Site. Submitting your Web Address to the major search engines is a definite must and a great starting point . 90% of all Web users start their Web journey from one of the major search engines in search of products, services, opportunities, and information. Being listed in the major search engines is the first step to building online traffic to your Web Site. As part of this service we will electronically submit your Web Site to the top 13 search engines once per month for 6 months. You will also get a one time submission to over 20 smaller search engines and directories.

Search Engine Submission Service - $30(6 months service)

More detailed information about this service is provided below

Because search engines generate 90% of Internet traffic, submitting your Web site to all "Major" Search Engines is the most effective way of promoting your Web Site on the Internet. In order to maintain a "fresh" search engine listing which helps improve your ranking, it is essential to regularly submit your Web Site to these "Major" Search Engines. The actual registration or submission process can be deceptively simple but time consuming, especially if done on a regular basis.

The Search Engine Submission Service will submit your Web Site address to 13 of the "Major" non-fee based Search Engines once per month for 6 months. The service will also provide you a one-time submission to over 20 smaller search engines and directories, which will help strengthen your Web Site's "Link Popularity". The more links you have going to your Web Site the higher your "Link Popularity". Your Web Site's "Link Popularity" is an important criterion that the "Major" Search Engines use when listing and ranking your Web Site.

Once your Web Site address is submitted, it can take up to 6 to 8 weeks before a search engine lists your Web Site in their index. The search engines do not guarantee any ranking or any specific time frame for indexing your listing. Search engines use complex algorithms that change on a monthly basis varying search results over time. The InetHostCo Search Engine Submission service only guarantees that your Web Site will be electronically submitted to the search engines but cannot guarantee any ranking or time frame for your listing to appear because the search engines themselves do not make any guarantees for non-fee based or "free" submissions. Below is a list of the "Major" search engines.

Many search engines and directories offer premium listing services that are guaranteed but at a cost that can range between $60 - $260 per search engine per year. For premium listing service information you will need to go to each search engine's web site or contact each search engine directly. Our search engine submission service does not offer or include any type of premium listing service.

You can achieve good search engine listing results just using a basic submission service and the “Free” listing service provided by the search engines but if you want better or quicker results you would have to use each search engines premium or express listing services.

Where you show up in a search engine’s listings is based on various algorithms that look at the keywords and keyword phrases in your Meta-Tags and throughout the body copy of your Web Site. What you say and the words you use in your Meta-tags and within your Web Site directly influence where you will show up in search engine search results.


You will find an additional link in the top right of your Web Administration screen that says "Search Engine Submission & Meta Tags". Click on this link to go to the main screen for this section. If you are not subscribed to this service, it will state so on this page and certain functions will not be available to you, but there will be a link on the page that will allow you to subscribe to the service.

Prior to starting the "Search Engine Submission" process, you will need to enter the "Meta-Tags" for your Web Site. Meta-Tags are hidden information about your Web Site that the search engines' automated systems read and use when listing your Web Site in their index. Meta-Tags consist of three elements: 1) Web Site Title 2) Web Site Description 3) Keywords. By clicking on the "Enter My Meta-Tags" link on the page you will be taken to a screen that will have instructions, guidelines, and an area for you to enter each "Meta-Tag". Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the entry and set-up of your meta-tags.

Once your "Meta-Tags" are set-up, return to the main "Search Engine Submission" Screen. From this page you will be able to initiate your search engine submission service by clicking on the "Start" button. Once you have initiated the service the submission process will start within 48 hours and the service will remain active for 6 months. This service can be renewed every 6 months.

** Major Search Engines Include**

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • AllTheWeb
  • Dogpile
  • Lycos
  • HotBot
  • Excite
  • WebCrawler
  • AOL Search
  • Alta Vista
  • MetaCrawler
  • Netscape Search
  • DMOZ
  • Teoma
  • InfoSpace

+ Over 20 smaller search engines and directories



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