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Guest Book

One of the features your are provided as part of this service is the Guest Book. The Guest Book is a great tool for collecting contact information of potential leads that visit your Web Site. It is an online form that visitors to your Web Site can access via a link from your Web Site's home page.

The whole premise behind the Guest Book is to entice visitors to your Web Site to go and "sign" your Guest Book, in essence sending them to an online form allowing them to enter their contact information. The contact information entered into the Guest Book is stored in your personal Guest Book database, from which only you will be able to view and edit individual records at any time. The Guest Book is directly tied into the Email Marketing Tool, which will allow you to send broadcast email messages to all the email addresses in your Guest Book.

To entice visitors to "sign" your Guest Book, offer them something that will motivate them to click on this link and provide you their contact information. Providing additional information, a newsletter, sample products and free products are just some of the ways you can drive your Web Site visitors to "sign" your Guest Book. You can include information about your offer in the text you place on your home.

You can review, edit, or add Guest Book entries from the "Account Administration" area of your Web Site service. Click here for more information about your ""Account Administration" area.

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